We have extensive experience working with family businesses, large corporations and Private Equity funds and VC funds trust us with providing them a full range of sell-side M&A Advisory service. In fact, they trust us with managing a disciplined process to achieve the best possible outcome with the partial of full sale of their company / asset

The key steps of the process would typically include the following steps

  • Provide our expert opinion on the potential valuation range
  • Perform a segmentation of the potential buyers, identify specific buyers and approach them
  • Prepare the necessary materials that convey in the most compelling way the investment case of your company
  • Manage the interaction with the potential buyers including management
    meetings, site visits, review of offers and MOUs/LOIs
  • Assist in the due diligence process

Our senior advisors are committed to support our clients every step of the way up
to the closing a transaction at the optimal shareholder value with the minimum disruption to the on-going operations of the company


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